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Women's UGG® Ultra Short Boots

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UGG Women's Ultra Short Boots


In 1978, Brian Smith, introduced a quirky Australian tradition to the United States. Armed with only a few pairs of UGG sheepskin boots and a positive attitude, Smith hit the streets of New York. However, his reception was not a friendly one, and he was sent packing, with the same few pair in his suitcase. But Smith was persistent and more than a little stubborn. He knew that there had to be a place for his boots in the US market, so he traveled west to do little surfing in California. His first season in business Brian sold 48 pairs of boots to 5 accounts. Of course, it was the California surf market that grasped the genius of these sheepskin boots. UGG Australia became a must-have for surfers just out of the water.
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Sort by:   A - Z  |   Price  |   Featured Items