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Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Series

Adventure Medical Sportsman First Aid Kits

Adventure Medical Sportsman Kits

Adventure Medical Kits

If you were creating wilderness medical kits, who would you ask for advice? Your family doctor? An emergency room doctor? It's a start, but outdoor medicine goes beyond blisters and band-aids. You could be face-to-face with high altitude illness, a dislocated shoulder, or a large laceration; and be two days away from professional medical care. Wouldn't you feel more comfortable with the medical wisdom of an emergency department doctor who climbs, treks, kayaks, dives, and does the same things that you do? Dr. Weiss is considered the leading authority on modern wilderness and outdoor medicine. He has revolutionized the first-aid kit industry by adapting the latest emergency medicine practices to outdoor environments. His innovations in wilderness medical kits have continually raised the industry standards for outdoor first-aid kits. Dr. Weiss is a former editor of The Wilderness Medical Society Letter, and medical consultant to the American Mountain Guide Association.

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