Store Hours

Dear Dom's Customers,

We are heavy hearted in writing this message..... After 51 years in Livermore, It has come time that Dom's Outdoor Outfitters / Dom’s Surplus will be closing our business. We are so thankful to have served our community for such a long haul.... Unfortunately, we feel it is time to say goodbye and look into our future with other possibilities.

Dom's has operated as a Livermore family business since Dominick Saccullo moved to Livermore in 1970 with his wife Martha and four children - Kevin, Jeff, Lynn and Peter. Dom opened Dom's Surplus in it's original location where the French bakery, Casse Croute Bakery now resides on S. Livermore street. At the time, Dom had anywhere from 3-5 employees and of course his wife and family worked along side of him after school and on Saturdays. Sundays the store was closed and he had time to spend with his family and catch up on items needing to be tended to at the store. As years went by and his kids became young teenagers, they all worked for the family business and learned the ethics of hard work. For Dom and his family, there were many sacrifices that were made but at the end of the day they knew that this family business was thriving and serving the community in many capacities.

In 1987, Dom moved his business to its current location, 1870 first Street. This location was four times larger and quite an undertaking. Originally, he leased out the front of the building to Galaxy Records... a wonderful record store Livermore remembers! Dom's Surplus became Dom's Outdoor Outfitters with this expansion and increased business.

In 1988, after finishing college, his son Jeff officially came in to the business as his full time partner. Together, they have built the success of the store to what it is today. Jeff started a Dom's catalog in 1997 and was on the cutting edge establishing the web site in 1998.
Currently, Dom's employs anywhere from 22-25 employees and open 7 days a week.

We are so thankful to have been able to stay open, limited hours with small closures since the pandemic started in March of last year. Today, we feel that we have the best team of employees we have ever had! They are committed to excellent customer service and have shown tremendous loyalty - especially this last year during such stressful times.

All these reasons and more, are why it is so hard to say good bye to a community who has supported us for 51 years! Thank you to our Loyal customers for your support and commitment to shopping local and small business. Unfortunately, due to the struggles of COVID, declining sales and expansion of online and big box shopping, we need to quietly close our doors.

We have had several people offer to start a GoFundMe page. We appreciate the generosity of wanting to do this, however, we are now committed to closing our store. Our family would like to "pay it forward" and ask that any money you would consider helping us with - to please support another small business struggling during these unprecedented times.

Let's all remember to shop local and shop small!

With gratitude and love for Livermore and Small Business,
The Saccullo Family

Our Final Day was April 30th