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Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler River Green

If you're tailgating on a field or with your buddies in the mountains, this insular cooler is worth the investment.

Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler River Green
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Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler River Green Product Details

The YETI Tundra® 35 is the right size for personal hauls or food for a small crew. It boasts up to three inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation and a rugged rotomolded construction for optimum adventure performance. And it fits nicely in an inner tube, making it the perfect, portable cooler to take tubing down the river.

Note: This Tundra cooler comes with one dry goods basket.

• One Legendary Cooler: This bear-tested Tundra coolers know how to face off against Mother Nature. They're nearly indestructible and built to withstand whatever the wild throws their way. The Tundra 35 is no exception. It's the all-purpose cooler that will get the job done, whether you're hauling food for a long weekend or keeping some cold ones, well, you know.
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Dimensions and Specifications
• Outside: 16 1/8” × 15 3/4” × 21 3/8”
• Inside: 9 3/8” × 10 5/8” × 13 7/8”
• Empty Weight: 20 Lbs
• 21 Cans of Beer (Using a 2:1 Ice-to-can ratio by volume)
• 26 Pounds of Ice (Only)

• Item: Yeti YT35RG (Catalog) or 10035180000 (Shipment) or 2428 (On Product) River Green

Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler River Green Accessories:

Technology and Features
• Fatwall™ Design: Extra-thick walls hold up to two inches of insulation for unmatched ice retention.
• Permafrost™ Insultation: Pressure-injected commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls and lid makes sure your ice stays ice.
• Rotomolded Construction: Makes it armored to the core and virtually indestructible.
• T-Rex™ Lid Latches: Heavy-duty rubber latches are made with patented technology so you'll never see another busted latch.
• Anchorpoint™ Tie-Down Slots: Molded tie-down slots for easy mounting to your boat, trailer, or truck bed.
• Neverfail™ Hinge System: Two hinge pins and interlocking design prevent the hinge from ever breaking.
• Interlock™ Lid System: Creates a form-fitting barrier against the heat.
• Coldlock™ Gasket: A freezer-quality gasket circles the length of the lid to block out the heat and lock in the cold.
• Lipgrip™ Handles: Stay out of the way and make carrying your catch seem less of a chore.
• Doublehaul™ Handles: Military-grade polyester rope for extra durability.
• Vortex™ Drain System: Leakproof, rugged, and designed for quick and easy draining.
• Bearfoot™ Non-Slip Feet: Prevent sliding to keep your YETI in place.

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