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Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass

Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass waterproof and floats

Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass
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Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass Product Details

Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass is a lightweight mirror compass. This Suunto compass is equipped with a fixed declination correction scale and the whole compass floats! Make navigation easier with the Suunto MCB Amphibian Compass.

• Sapphire jeweled bearing
• Liquid filled for steady needle
• Wear-resistant printing for longer life
• Dial with 2 degree increments
• Temperature range from -40F to 140F
• Self-cleaning capsule bearing
• Individually balanced
• Notched capsule for easy grip
• Tungsten steel needle
• Nylon lanyard
• Polypropylene lid with floating capability
• Sighting mirror
• Detachable snap-lock lanyard with whistle
• Locking mirror lid with strong hinge
• Rotating bezel
• Size: 2.5" x 0.6" / 64 x 127 x 15mm
• Weight: 1.4 oz. / 40g

Item: Suunto SS012277013

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