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LEKI Effect Folding Chair Chiller Anthra

A very clever design that allows the folding chair to be set up and disassembled again in a matter of seconds!

LEKI Effect Folding Chair Chiller Anthra
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LEKI Effect Folding Chair Chiller Anthra Product Details

We don't want to overload you with too many figures, data and facts because the Chiller and Breeze are compact, lightweight, comfortable folding chairs which do not need a lot of numbers. What they do need are camp sites, festivals, beaches, river banks, bus stops, little league games, shooting stars, playgrounds, family outings, barbecues, ... and, of course, YOU! Your new LEKI folding chair fits comfortably in your bag or backpack, can be set up and taken down in no time and is so comfortably that you'll think twice about getting up. No matter how you decide, find your place with the LEKI Chiller or Breeze!

• Extremely strong
• Mesh ventilation
• Super comfortable
• HTS 6.5 ALUMINIUM: High-strength aluminium shafts for stable, secure support. Slender shaft diameter for light weight
• Compact transport and storage
• Rubber feet with six teeth for an optimal foothold
• Flex Seat
• Chair dimensions: 84x50x58 cm | Seat height: 41 cm
• Weight: 1339 grams

Item: Leki 6323012 Anthracite

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