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Easy Blink Eye Shade Black Eagle


Easy Blink Eye Shade Black Eagle
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Easy Blink Eye Shade Black Eagle Product Details

Catch some much needed Z's on the way to your favorite vacation spot with the Eagle Creek® Easy Blink Eyeshade. These Eagle Creek® eyeshades are designed with a curved shape to make sure you have enough room to blink comfortably underneath until you peacefully fall asleep. Designed with Lights Out coverage, these eyeshades will help to make sure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for the adventure.

• Easy Blink eyeshade provides lights out coverage.
• Designed with a curved shape so you can blink comfortably.
• Adjustable elastic strap provides a secure fit.
• Soft fleece material is washable
• Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Item: Eagle Creek EC041179-010 Black

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