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Danner Laces - Gold and Tan (Rawhide)

Danner Laces - Gold and Tan (Rawhide)
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Danner Laces - Gold and Tan (Rawhide) Product Details

Putting anything other than Danner Original Equipment Laces on a pair of Danners is like putting after- market parts on a vintage CJ- you just don’t do it. Instead, rely on the quality and craftsmanship that drew you to Danner in the first place and invest in laces that won’t let you down.

• 54”- 14 eye Boot
• 63”- 18 eye Boot
• 72”- 20 eye Boot

Item: Danner 70025 (54”)
Danner 70026 (63”)
Danner 70027 (72”)

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