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Tear Aid Type B Vinyl Only Patch

Tear Aid Type B Vinyl Only Patch
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Tear Aid Type B Vinyl Only Patch Product Details

Tear Aid Type B composition stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to be torn off. Tear Aid is durable, flexible, airtight, watertight, puncture-resistant industrial-strength patch. Instantly repairs holes and tears. Type b has a new unique adhesive that resists the oils in vinyl that cause other adhesives to turn gummy sunlight.

• Holds air under pressure even when stretched
• Holds water under pressure even when stretched
• See-Thru patch works with all colors
• Conforms to irregular surfaces
• Cuts easily to any size with scissors
• Doesn’t turn gummy in high heats
• No Sewing
• Functions in Temperatures range of –20F to 190F after application
• Stretches and springs back without losing its grip
• Stops tears from running
• No Messy Liquids
• Resists UV discoloring over time
• Sticks To:
Vinyl-Coated Materials

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