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Tech40 Discover GPS Watch

Tech40 Discover GPS Watch is a powerful training tool for all runners.

Tech40 Discover GPS Watch
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Tech40 Discover GPS Watch Product Details

Tech40 Discover GPS Watch has a powerful and precise GPS that can locate your position at anytime, anywhere. The Tech40 Discover GPS Watch can then track your workout to give you stats that allow you to train in ways that target specific aspects of your routine. The Tech40 Discover GPS Watch is easy to use and a great tool for all serious runners.

• Digital Compass
• Heart Rate Monitoring
• 2.4 GHz wireless transmission speed
• No interference from other watches or exercise equipment
• PC Uplink and analysis software
• Watch settings and workout profiles are easily designed on your computer and uploaded to your watch
• Smart Lap / Track Log Function - Auto Maps your Route
• Waypoint Navigation
• Workout Metrics
• Time Mode
• EL Backlight
• Full dot Matrix LCD
• 30M Water Resistance
• Rechargeable Battery

Item: Tech4O 2832010

Tech40 Discover GPS Watch Additional Information:

Discover GPS Features

• 5 Customizable Workout Profiles: Running, Cycling, Hiking, Sailing, User
• Automatic Data Log - 120 Log Memory
• View Workout History
• Smart Lap Function - automatic lap creation at fixed travel distance
• 99 Lap Chronograph
• Customizeable view - 3 data sets per view

Heart Rate Monitoring:
• Above/In/Below Zone Time Record
• Above/In/Below Audio Zone Alert

• Create up to 10 paths, maximum 99 waypoints each
• Preset a travel path ahead of time via the PC software, or as you go.
• Manual or automatic waypoint marking via TrackLog. Auto mapping occurs at set intervals of 4 seconds to 10 minutes
• Waypoint, Forward, Backward Path Tracking
• Current Speed, Distance Traveled, Distance to Destination, Estimated Time of ArrivalUpload data to your computer for review and analysis
• Dynamc Electronic Compass
• 1 Degree resolution
• Compass Direction readout - 16 Cardinals & Bearing in degrees
• North Indicator
• Declination Setting

PC Software:
• Supports : Windows XP / Vista (32, 64-bit) / Windows 7 (32, 64-bit)
• Multiple languages
• Multi-user accounts on one PC
• Watch settings can be configured quickly on the PC then loaded to the watch
• Workout profile can be created and stored in the PC then transferred to the watch
• Unlimited activity categories

• HR, Pace, Speed, Distance, Elevation, Time/Distance
• Workout summary
• Lap Detail Report
• Daily, Weekly, Month, and Yearly Summary Reports
• Create routes from logged tracks or .KML files
• Manual path edition with Google Maps GUI
• Export workout data to NMEA, KML, GPX and CSV formats
• Direct Google Earth track log export

Time Mode:
• Time, Date, Day
• Satellite atomic clock synchronization. No time adjustment needed
• Automactic time zone estimates based on Longitude
• 12/24 hour format
• Dual Time
• 5 Daily Alarms
• Hourly Chime
• Countdown Timer

• Mineral Glass Lens
• EL Backlight
• Full Dot Matrix LCD - with adjustable LCD levels
• Dual Processor optimizes battery life
• Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
• USB Data transfer and Battery charging cable
• Key Tone On/Off
• Battery Life indicator
• Power save mode (GPS off)
• HRM Chest Strap, User replaceable battery CR2032
• Water resistance 30M /100 ft

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