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Gun Safe Accessories

Basic Gun Safe Accessories

AR Gun Rack Clip-On Battery Operated Light Kit Pistol Rack
"AR" Gun Racks
“AR” gun racks are fully adjustable and custom fit in the side shelf area of each “BF” series gun safe. Each rack is designed with enough clearance to accommodate extra large front sights or optics. All racks feature rich pin-dot fabric.
Clip-On Battery Operated Light Kit
This compact light fits any safe, yet gives off a super-bright light, letting you see the contents of your safe easily. Battery Operated.
Pistol Rack
This four-gun rack is ideal for organizing pistols inside your safe.
Desiccant .50 Cal handle Slide-Out Gun Rack BF Gun Safes Only
Prevents rust and moisture damage. Recommended for safes without electrical access.
.50 Cal Handle
Available in Black Nickel. BF Gun Safes only.
Slide-Out Gun Rack BF Gun Safes only.
This six-gun rack slides out for easy access to your firearms. Fits models BF7250, BF7240, BF6636 and BF6030.

The Premium Package for BF®, SF and HS Gun Safes

Buy the following gun safe options separately, or as part of the "Premium Package" with any BF®, SF or TF Safe
GunSaver Dehumidifier Jewelry Tray LED Light Kit
GunSaver Dehumidifier
Will constantly guard your guns against the threat of rust, pitting and moisture damage. Electrical access required.
Jewelry Tray
Tray conveniently fits into every safe. Burgundy felt lined. Dimensions: 10 ³/8 " x 9 ³/8 " x 2"
LED Light Kit
AMSEC introduces the new HIWL120 LED AC power light kit with built-in motion sensor. The HIWL120 has two 39" light strips with 120 high-intensity white LED’s and a motion sensor that automatically turns itself on when motion is detected and turns itself off 30 seconds after you leave the area. The new AMSEC HIWL120 LED AC power light kit can be installed on any AMSEC safe.

Stor-it Cabinets

These elegant, well-appointed 2-drawer and 4-drawer interior chests are the most sophisticated way to store and display your jewelry collection and letter files. These stunning chests are finely crafted in solid-wood maple drawer fronts and maple veneer and finished in a rich honey maple stain. NEW recessed door pulls give these cabinets a more streamlined appearance and makes for an easier fit into a variety of AMSEC safes. All drawers are elegantly lined in a silky, dark red felt and include a variety of Stor-It Jewelry Organizer Inserts.
Drawer Sample Two Drawer Cabinet Four Drawer Cabinet
Drawer Sample
Two Drawer Cabinet and Four Drawer Cabinet Stacked on top of eachother in safe.
Two Drawer Cabinet
Top drawer includes a Three Compartment Ring Organizer and a Seven Compartment Jewelry Organizer. Bottom drawer can be used for bulky items or converts to a file drawer.
Four Drawer Cabinet
Top drawer includes a Three Compartment Ring Organizer and a Seven Compartment Jewelry Organizer. Drawer Two Includes a Three Compartment Necklace Organizer. Drawer Three Includes a Four Compartment Watch Organizer. Drawer Four is left open for easy access of large, bulky items, or stack additional Stor-It Jewelry Organizer Inserts.
Stor-it Jewelry Organizers

Additional Stor-it Jewelry Organizers can be purchased separately and stacked together to accommodate all your storage needs. Each insert can be removed for easy viewing, selecting and protection of your jewelry.
Seven Compartment Jewelry Organizer Four Compartment Jewelry Organizer Three Compartment Jewelry Organizer Three Compartment Jewelry Organizer
Seven Compartment Jewelry Organizer
With (3) long spaces to hold necklaces of any size tangle-free and four (4) small spaces to place pendants and ear rings.
Four Compartment Jewelry Organizer
With four soft pillows that hold your most precious watches and bracelets.
Three Compartment Jewelry Organizer
Features a Ring-holder and two (2) large open spaces for bracelets, ear rings.
Three Compartment Necklace Organizer
With three (3) extra long spaces to hold necklaces of any size tangle-free.

Stor-it PDO

AMSEC’s new Premium Door Organizer (PDO) maximizes storage space and offers quick access to commonly used items.
BF7250 BF7240 BF6636
PDO for BF7250
PDO for BF7240
PDO for BF6636
SF6036 BF6030
PDO for SF6036, TF6036
PDO for BF6030, BF6032, SF6032, TF6030, TF6032

All PDO include:
• Various see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store valuables
• Two rows of holders for storage of choke tubes, small flashlights and ammo
• Two full-width pistol storage systems to accommodate multiple handguns. Comes with four holsters. Additional holsters can be purchased separately
• A long gun storage system that accommodates two guns. Includes the AMSEC exclusive “no hassle” quick release band
• Models PDO7250 and PDO7240 offer a zippered pocket large enough to store letter size folders.
• The AMSEC Stor-it PDO can be factory installed on all BF® series gun safes and select SF and TF series gun safes
NOTE: Always check inside clearance before closing door.