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Nikwax Polar Proof Product Details

Nikwax Polar Proof is a wash-in treatment completely immerses garments assuring that no areas are missed. Improves insulating ability in wet or humid conditions. Treated garments dry remarkably fast. Lasts several washings

• Instructions:
• Machine wash is best. Treat clean garments. Prewash in non-detergent soap (such as Nikwax Tech Wash). Leave clean wet garment in machine. Shake product well before use. Set machine according to chart below. 1-2 garments - low water level - 5 oz. 3-4 garments - med water level - 10 oz. Run machines cycle including rinses. For best results, stop machine 5 minutes into cycle and let garments soak for 15 minutes. Restart and complete machine cycle. If hand washing, prewash with a non-detergent soap. Immerse garment in warm water not to exceed 4 gal/18 liters per garment. Add 1.5 cap fulls per garment and agitate thoroughly. Let soak for 15 minutes agitating periodically. Rinse thoroughly by hand. Tumble dry on heat setting recommended on care tag or hand dry. For best performance keep treated garments clean using a non-detergent soap like Nikwax Tech Wash

Item: Niwax 221

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