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Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives By Type

        - Fixed Blades

        - Folding Blades

        - Speed Safe Blade

Kershaw Knives by Series

        - Amphibian Series

        - Avalanches Series

        - Blackhorse Series

        - Blackout Series

        - Blade Traders Series

        - Blur Series

        - Boa Series

        - Chive Series

        - Cyclone Series

        - DWO Series

        - Enger-g Series

        - E.T. Series

        - Gentleman Series

        - Hunter Series

        - Junkyard Dog Series

        - Leek Series

        - Orange County Choppers Series

        - Outdoor Gear Series

        - Scallion Series

        - Sea Hunter Series

        - Vapor Series

        - Whirlwind Series

Since 1974 Kershaw has been making and selling knives to the public with their no-hassle Lifetime Guarantee. With a new series every year Kershaw is selling more and more knives. In 1998 Ken Onion came out with the Speed Safe Feature in most of his knives.

Columbia River Knife Collection