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Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008

Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008 download detailed topographic maps right to your GPS.

Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008
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Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008 Product Details

Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008 DVD allows you to download detailed, topographic data from this DVD directly to your compatible Garmin GPS. The Garmin MapSource US Topo 2008 DVD is a great addition to any compatible Garmin GPS.

• Digital topographic maps, comparable to 1:100,000 scale USGS maps
• Terrain contours, topo elevations
• Summit locations with elevation
• Trails and rural roads; city neighborhood roads
• Interstates & major highways
• National, state, local parks, forests, and wilderness areas
• Coastline, lake and river shoreline; wetlands; perennial and seasonal streams
• Searchable database of cities, geographic names, summits, lakes and more
• Elevation profile on compatible units allows you to estimate terrain difficulty
• Allows you to plan your next outdoor adventure on your PC and download routes, waypoints and map detail to your compatible Garmin GPS
• Includes lakes, reservoirs, waterways, rivers and streams with icons to represent boat ramps, dams, campgrounds and trails

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