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Columbia River Knivfe and Tool

Columbia River Knives

Columbia River Knives By Type

        - Fixed Blades

        - Folding Blades

        - Tools

Columbia River Knife Sharpeners

Columbia River Knives by Series

        - A.G Russell Series

        - Carson Series

        - B.U.L.L. Series

        - Gallagner Series

        - Get-A-Way Series

        - Guppie Series

        - Hammond Series

        - Hissatsu Series

        - H.U.G. Series

        - K.I.S.S. & P.E.C.K. Series

        - Koji Hara Series

        - Kommer Series

        - Lake Series

        - Lumabiner Series

        - Tighe Series

        - Van Hoy Series

        - Zilla-Tool Series

Since the mid 1990's Columbia River Knife and Tool has been making knives to suit the consumers needs. Now with 3 specific categories to choice from, Columbia River has one of the widest ranges of knife to choice from. From Sport and work, I.D. works and Professional knives CRKT has a knife for you.

Columbia River Knife Collection