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Alti Ski Watch Tech4o

Tech4o Alti Ski Watch tracks all of the statistics of your vertical performance.

Alti Ski Watch Tech4o
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Alti Ski Watch Tech4o Product Details

Alti Ski Watch Tech4o tracks all of the statistics of your vertical performance. The Alti Ski Watch Tech4o lets you keep track of your improvement and even keeps you updated on weather conditions. With all of the features listed below, the Alti Ski Watch Tech4o is a great tool for all serious skiiers.

   - Current Altitude
   - Maximum Altitude
   - Daily Ascent
   - Daily Descent
   - Current Elevation
   - Maximum Trip Elevation
   - Altimeter Lock
   - Trip Ascent Counter
   - Current Rate of Ascent
   - Maximum Rate of Ascent
   - Total Daily Ascent
   - Lifetime Ascent
   - Trip Descent Counter
   - Current Rate of Descent
   - Maximum Rate of Descent
   - Total Daily Descent
   - Lifetime Descent
• Ski Run Counter
   - Trip Run Counter
   - Daily Run Counter
   - Lifetime Run Counter
• Barometer
   - Current Pressure
   - Max Pressure
   - Min Daily Pressure
   - 24hr Pressure Difference
   - 24hr / 2hr Pressure Trend Graph
   - Barometer Lock
   - 24hr Temp Difference
   - Current Temperature
   - Maximum Daily Temp
   - Minimum Daily Temp
   - Current Time
   - Current Date
   - Alternate Time Zone
   - Daily Alarm
   - 5 Stopwatches
   - Countdown Timer

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