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American Security Safes

American Security Safes

American Security Products (AMSEC) is the world's best-known provider of security safes and security solutions. We protect the assets of our clients throughout the world by providing a broad array of security safes and consulting services with the highest degree of quality, integrity and responsiveness.

Doms in Livermore has the largest selection of home security and gun safes in the Bay Area. Doms safes aren't just for guns and ammo, safes are great for important documents, jewelry, extra keys and much more. Safes keep firearms protected and out of reach of children as well as protect valuables and important documents from theft and fire.

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TF Series - Thirty Minute Fire

SF Series - Sixty Minute Fire

TF Series
SF Series
Most Affordable gun safe. Now featuring
the ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated
KeyPad Standard on every TF Model. More>>
Affordably priced, yet packed with the same
quality features as a more expensive gun
safe. This series offers excellent fire
and burglary protection for the money. More>>

HS Series - High Security

BF Series - Burglary & Fire

HS Series
BF Series
U.L. Listed TL-15 Burglary and Fire
resistant high security gun safes, and the
Only U.L. Listed TL-30 Burglary and
fire resistant gun safe on the market. More>>
The most unique gun safe in the industry
featuring AMSEC's DryLight technology, an advanced poured
concrete insulation material that eliminated the
use of gypsum board and provides a dry and seamless
barrier to protect valuables against intense
fires and burglary attacks More>>

NEW FV Series - Forty-Five Minute Fire

Barrett Gun Safes

FV Series
Barrett Gun Safe
Features a 45 minute fire rating, the
ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated Keypad
and Premium Door Organizer, all standard on every model. More>>
Barrett gun safes are designed specifically
to store unique large caliber rifles,
assault rifle (AR) and tactical weapons More>>

AM Series - Home Safe

Hand Gun Safes

AM Series
Hand Gun Safes
An affordable solution when you need a compact
safe with all the features of a larger gun safe. More>>
For Storing a Pistol or
other Small Items More>>

Defense Vault

Vault Doors

Defense vault
Vault Doors
The AMSEC Defense Vault puts home
security where you need it More>>
The AMSEC Vault Door turns any room
into a safe haven. Gems and Jewelry,
Guns, Artwork, Heirlooms, Photographs, Business and
Family records…The AMSEC Vault
Door can secure it all. More>>


Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks
From lights to door organizers, your AMSEC
gun safe can be equipped with the
features that suit your needs. More>>
For quick and easy entry, an electronic
lock is the choice to make. Locks are powered
by batteries located in the dial and you can change
your combination anytime. More>>

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